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Certified Life Coach/Life Strategist

  • Certified Life Coach (CLC)

  • M.A. Religious Studies, Duke University

  • B.A. Philosophy & Religion, Colgate University

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Neelma Pyfrom

Hi, I’m Neelma and I am happy you stopped by.

I am here as a Life Strategist, friend, and confidante, inviting you to take the next steps on a path to a more fulfilled life.

My journey started at Colgate University, where I discovered a love of Philosophy and Religion. I went on to complete a Masters degree in Religious Studies at Duke University where I focused on Queer networks of Muslims and their online presence.  

After working for a few years, I got married and took time off to raise our two girls.

 Upon returning to the work force, I found myself dealing with anxiety and trying unsuccessfully maintain a work/life balance.  But I wasn’t alone. My friends, other working parents, were dealing with similar challenges. All too often I heard them wishing for more hours in the day and struggling to find some time for themselves. And if they did manage to find any amount of time for themselves, along with it came the guilt of what they should have been doing during that time for kids, their spouses, or their households.  

Sadly the story didn't end there.

Some of these moms had kids who had started exhibiting anxious behaviors as well. Mine included. I watched as my super bright and loving seven-year-old tried to stop the “thoughts” that kept invading her mind and making it difficult for her to ease her already-overworked brain.

Something had to change. I had to change.  I started to work on myself – meditating, taking time for myself, knowing when to say “no” and not feeling guilty about it. I started seeing a Life Coach who helped me deal with these issues and quiet the hyper-critical inner voice.  

She started me on a path by empowering me to make the changes I needed.  She stood by me and guided me as I tackled my struggles. And she passed no judgment.  On my darkest days I was still capable of being loved and she helped me to believe in myself. I began a meditation practice that has allowed me to find a calm and deal with what life has to offer – both good and bad.

I realized I wanted to do this for other people. My working world consisted of numbers and equations and I very much enjoyed what I did, but I needed something more fulfilling. I wanted to be able to guide others, help them find their way, allow them to believe in themselves to make the changes.  To find their peace, purpose and authenticity.

About - Life Coach
About - Life Coach
About - Life Coach

and here i am

A wife and mother of two young and very precocious little girls who bring me joy and remind me of the best things in life. When I am not with my clients, I can be found reading, bullet-journaling, boating, doing the NY Times Crossword, or running.