Crafting My Intentional Summer

May 29, 2024

Summer is almost here, and like my girls, I couldn’t be more excited! Traditionally, I’ve used the end of summer and the start of a new school year to set my goals. However, this year, I’m changing things up and setting my goals at the beginning of summer. My idea is to leverage the slower pace of summer to establish new habits, ensuring they are well-ingrained by the time school starts in the fall.

Spending quality time with family and having fun has always been a summer goal for me. While balancing work and leisure, I want to make a more focused effort on the fun side this year. My girls are growing up, and our summers together are limited before their lives become busier with work and friends. I want this summer to be a deliberate blend of personal growth and cherished family moments.


This summer, I’ll be working on a reduced schedule, either on specific days of the week or during designated hours each day—details still to be determined. As for my girls, they have taken on roles as mother’s helpers and tutors/babysitters, working a few hours once a week. They truly enjoy spending time with young children, and I want to nurture this passion while also encouraging their sense of responsibility, as well as the joy that comes with earning their own money!


I thrive on routine and can’t abandon it entirely, as there are certain habits I need to maintain. Daily journaling and gratitude practice, for instance, require my consistent attention. The girls might also have routines they want to establish this summer. We can support and encourage each other in maintaining these habits.

For me, having a routine and a pre-planned day is crucial to knowing what to expect. For example, my girls love spending time at the beach, as do I. However, I’m not keen on heading to the beach at 12:30 because they slept until 11:00. On beach days we will have to get an early start to avoid crowds and midday heat. And leave the afternoons free for relaxation indoors.

I also want the girls to take a more active role in planning their days. We have a family calendar they can access, eliminating the need to constantly ask about our schedule. This will be a sanity saver!


I’m lenient with chores during the school year but expect more help in the summer. The girls will clean up after themselves and their friends, care for the dogs, vacuum, and wash dishes. As they get older, their responsibilities will increase accordingly.

This summer, I’d really like to see more initiative from them. When they notice something that needs attention, I want them to take the initiative to address it without being asked. This proactive approach is incredibly helpful. Additionally, for larger house projects where I need extra help, I’m willing to offer some monetary incentives!

Summer Expectations: 

While summer is going to be fun, I want to establish clear expectations. For instance, I know they read a great deal during the school year but I want to keep up this habit during the summer. Nothing too crazy, but just 20 minutes/day. I’m happy to take them to the library or Barnes & Noble to find books they enjoy.

We limit screen time in the summer. During the year they get an allotted hour/day and while this will increase, I am NOT going to let them spend hours and hours on their phones or on watching TV. 

Physical activity is a must! Summer heat is brutal in SC, but there are things we can do together in order to keep us moving and healthy! (Note I said “us” in that sentence.) We can also plan healthy breakfasts or lunches and new dinners to try out and add to our repertoire for the school year.

Summer is a time that money can be spent indiscriminately if left unchecked. I love little treats now and then, but I want the girls to understand that certain activities cost money. To this end, we may create a weekly budget. Regardless of how we choose to monitor, I want us to be mindful of the money that is being spent. 

Community Service is going to be super important for us this summer. Every summer we do lots of things for ourselves and I want to take this time for them to figure out how they can help others and contribute to the wellbeing of others. This it’s important to me and something I hope to be able to take into the school year so using this as an opportunity now to lay the foundation for it. 

“It takes a village”:

I want to ensure a fun-filled summer for my kiddos, and I’m not alone in this. As such, I plan on teaming up with other Moms so that we can do things together or even tag team certain activities. Perhaps they take them to the beach one week and I do the next.

The “Intentional” Part of the “Intentional Summer”:

The summer will go by faster than I intend and I really want to take as much advantage of this time as possible. I know spending all this time together will lead to conflict and no doubt we will get on each other’s nerves! But I don’t want to view this with apprehension or negativity. Rather I want us to learn how to handle these moments and these conflicts and know when to disengage. 

One thing I really want to do is to reinstate date nights each week for one kiddo and one parent. We used to do this when the girls were younger and loved it! But, like a lot of things, schedules no longer allowed for this time. Summer will be a perfect opportunity for us to get back into the swing of it.  

The Summer Kick off Meeting:

In order to communicate all these things to the ladies, we will use one of our family meetings as a “kick off to summer meeting”. Girls will be encouraged to ask any questions, and bring any concerns or requests to the meeting. If you know me, you know I love a good family meeting!! However, I have learned with tweens and teens, it is also best to follow up with an email. I know it sounds super official, but this way there is no miscommunication!! 


It is my hope this summer will be a season of intentional living, filled with personal growth, cherished family moments, and a balanced blend of work and leisure. By setting goals at the beginning of summer and maintaining routines that support our aspirations, we aim to create lasting habits and meaningful memories. The girls will take on more responsibilities, not just in chores but in planning their days and contributing to our household. We’ll embrace fun and adventure, while also ensuring time for personal development, community service, and physical activity.

As we navigate this season together, I hope to remain mindful of our budget, screen time, and the importance of reading. By collaborating with other families and reinstating traditions like date nights, we hope to strengthen our bonds and create a supportive, enriching environment for everyone. Our family meeting will serve as the kickoff to this exciting journey, ensuring clear communication and shared expectations. Here’s to a summer of growth, fun, and togetherness!


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