Young adulthood can be a complex journey. Coaching is
your ally to help you confidently succeed.

Support at different stages of life.




Life’s on fast-forward - bodies, feelings, friends, and school, you name it. Middle school can feel like a self-esteem rollercoaster! I’m here to guide your tween as they navigate these ups and downs with confidence.

High schoolers are under a lot of pressure - school, social media, peer expectations. Anxiety’s up, self-esteem’s down. Coaching is your secret to not just survive, but to THRIVE!

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Let's make sure they step confidently into this new chapter of life.

Hey there, I'm Neelma!

I am thrilled to have you join the journey! I'm not just a life coach but also a mom to two lively tweens, so trust me, I get the wild ride of parenting—the highs, lows, and that constant balancing act.

In our household, we've embraced monthly family meetings as our secret sauce for navigating the twists and turns of our kids' ever-evolving journeys.

Ready to dive into the rollercoaster of parenthood together?

I am on a mission to empower others to develop a new perspective, create positive change, establish meaning & find fulfillment in life.

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Empower, Transform, Thrive

Empower, Transform, Thrive

This is where I come in...I create a safe, judgment-free space where they can ask their toughest questions, face their challenges and journey to discover the greatness already within.

Worried about your tween or teen?

Are you slowing watching your child wilt? Changes in behavior should not be ignored.


Throughout our time together, I will equip them using strategies, tools and processes that will increase their...

Self esteem
Self acceptance 
Self worth
Build confidence
Spark the desire to live their fullest life.

Increased irritability 
Distancing themselves socially
Expressing low self-esteem
Withdrawal from friends

Increased irritability 



Neelma's coaching has been a transformative force in my daughter's life over the past year. Previously struggling with confidence and social skills, she often resorted to pretend play as a comfort zone. Neelma's approach has empowered her to express herself, strengthen social skills and grasp the importance of appropriate timing for imaginative play.

A Mother's Story

Transforming Lives with Living Lotus Life Coaching

We appreciate everything you have done for us!
- One happy mother

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